I’m Maksym Perepichka, PhD student in Computer Science at Concordia University and Researcher Trainee at Ubisoft Montreal La Forge. 

I’m currently focusing on research related to applying deep learning to computer animation. In particular, I’m interested in automated techniques for motion capture, animation retargeting, and animation controllers. I mainly code in Python and C++, with occasional strays into C#. 

During my undergrad, I had the opportunity of interning at Hitachi ID Systems as a Software Tester and Python Developer as well as a Software Developer at Autodesk.

In my free time, I enjoy strength-training, hiking the outdoors, and contemplating various philosophical questions.

The content of this page focuses on the projects I work on related to Computer Science, as well as other off-topic discussions. Naturally, the opinions expressed here are solely my own unless otherwise indicated.